Pool Board Meeting June 28th at 6pm

Want to lend your voice, wisdom, or opinion to how the pool runs or what plans we have for the future?   Stop on by the pool board meeting on June 28th at 6pm!   It’s a very low key casual and friendly affair.  We’ll be meeting at the pool so feel free to bring the kids and throw them in the pool while you watch and participate.





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A quick reminder for everyone

Remember that this is the last year for some of our board members.  Normal terms are about 2 seasons but some of us have been serving for over 5 years now.  We’ll be looking for a few people to step up and help run things.  These positions take far less work than they used to thanks to our President and Treasurer so please consider helping out, who have also graciously agreed to make themselves available for questions and advice next year to whoever takes over.  If you are interested, contact a board member or email  us at joinus@robindalewoods.com.  It doesn’t take a lot of time or energy and gives you the chance to help decide things about the direction and future of the pool.  If you know of someone that might be a good candidate feel free to pass their name on and we’ll speak to them about it.

As always we invite all members to attend board meetings when they are announced (usually on calendar and facebook)



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Summer aint over! SALE!!!

If you were really hoping to join this year but couldn’t, or you want to spend the last hot days of summer relaxing poolside with your friends, this is a great chance to do so at a bargain price. This year, we’ve reduced memberships to $100 instead of the customary half price we normally do so. Jump over to the ‘join the family’ rtab on the navigation menu. Sign up today.

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Pool Parties available for July!

Hello Everyone!
We wanted to let everyone know that we still have several dates open for anyone who is interested in reserving the pool for a private party. As of right now we have every Sunday in July open as well as a few dates in August and September. This is great place to host Birthday parties, Family Reunions, group outings for church or youth groups, or just to have a large private get together with family and friends, The cost is only $100.00, and the hours are 5pm-9:30pm. To reserve a date or check availability you can go to robindalewoods.com and click on calendar or for more information or questions you can email us at joinus@robindalewoods.com.

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Board meeting 6/24/2015 All welcome

Hello Robindale Families!

We hope everyone is enjoying this summer so far. It has definitely been hot, so thank goodness for having a great swimming pool to go relax, have fun and cool off!

The Pool Board will be meeting tomorrow evening, Thursday June 25th, at 6:30 pm at the pool. Please put this on your calendars to attend. This is a great opportunity for everyone to meet, and we have some important decisions to make regarding this season and the operations of the pool. Please remember, this is a member ran pool, and the Board needs the input and assistance from our members. We have had questions from several of you asking how or what you can do to help us with the pool. Attending these meetings, being involved, and helping us with ideas and decisions regarding the pool is the best way to help us and the pool! We hope to see you all tomorrow at the meeting.

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Swimming lessons coming back!

Have you always wanted to join the pool but maybe your kids aren’t “water friendly”.  It happens.  Between all the other things that life throws at us, sometimes we forget the need for basic skills like swimming.   We’re fortunate this year to welcome back MariKate Walker who has taught swimming at Robindalewoods for several years.  She can teach children of all ages and adults.  Lessons will start in early June.  Details on cost and dates can be obtained by emailing her directly at thetwwalkers@att.net.  Lessons are reserved on a first come first served basis.   Don’t let another day get past, leaving you unable to swim and enjoy the summer with your friends.  Reserve your lessons today!

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Ugly swim suit contest!

Wanna have some fun? Want $25 off your 2015 membership? Post your ugliest swimsuit (must be modeled by applicant) in the comments on the facebook post announcing this (https://www.facebook.com/RobindaleWoods). Winner gets $25 off the 2015 membership dues. Contest ends April 1 and The board judges. Do you have the guts? Doesn’t matter how old the pic is as long as it is you. Annnnd go!

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Hello 2015!

Hello Robindale Woods Pool Families!

We hope that this email finds everyone well and ready for another great summer at Robindale Woods Pool! I am sure everyone is ready for some warm weather and outdoor fun and sun after these last few weeks especially.

The Board has had their first meeting for the year, and although it is cold outside today we are preparing for another great season, which will be here before we know it. We have some updates and info to share with you:

First, we have a new Secretary! Kristie Lee has stepped up to take the place of Secretary for our board. Kristie was an at large member who not only shared in pool responsibilities, but has also been a huge help with fund raising, open houses etc. With that change taking place, we now have an opening for an at large board member. Please, if you are interested or willing to volunteer a small amount of your time to join our team, please let us know. All of the Board Members have been in positions for 3 plus years now and we would like to be able to have new people working with us, so that in the future, as we exit, we can teach others what we have learned. Our goal is to eventually turn the pool over to board members who have all the information and know how needed to run it successfully, instead of having to figure it out as many including us have in the past.

We have chosen a date for beginning the work on opening the pool. We will be draining and cleaning the pool beginning Saturday May 2nd and Sunday May 3rd. We ask that anyone who can help please put this on your calendars. Any amount of time and effort given is greatly needed and appreciated. Please remember that it is a member ran pool, so it takes all of us together to get it done! We will plan on officially opening the following weekend of May 8th.

Thanks to all of you for your donations to cover loan payments through the off season! Because of that we are able to keep the membership dues the same this year, which is $295.00. We will also be offering the extended family memberships again for $125.00. You can join of course by going to our website robindalewoods.com and filling out the application. You then have the option to pay online through paypal or you can mail a check to 5021 Laurel Woods Dr. Knoxville, TN 37921. We will also offer the option to make payments, although the entire membership must be paid by June 1st. If you choose to make payments please let one of us know so that we can make arrangements.

We did fall short on the number of members needed last year, which contributed to our financial dilemma. We are going to start putting flyers out in our area next month to try and gain some more members. We also ask all of you to please help us advertise! If you would be willing to put some flyers out at your work, church, school, or neighborhood, please let us know. We can print these off for you if needed. We just need help getting the information out there. Gaining 10-15 more families over last year (we had 38) would make all the difference. So please help us spread the word!

We are excited about this year and looking forward to seeing all of you at the pool soon! It is going to be a great summer!

Robindale Woods Pool Board

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Board Meeting this Thursday night!

Come one come all!

Just a reminder to our family at Robindalewoods. The pool’s board meets this Thursday night at our regularly scheduled board meeting. This is your chance to be heard, voice an opinion, give props to a member that deserves it, speak up about a concern, etc. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please remember that as part of this years agreement, you agreed to attend 2 board meetings so please make plans to stop by.

For those of you that have not heard, we’ve been forced to drop wifi coverage at the pool. I’m kind of sad about this as I know many of you are but costs continued to rise and we just don’t have the membership to cover the excessive costs that Knology was charging us each month . We’re open to suggestions and thoughts so stop by the meeting and speak up.


the board

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Memorial day weekend 2014!

Hello Robindale Woods Families!


Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We are so excited that school is out and summer and pool season are here! We are looking forward to a great season,

First we wanted to let you all know that we will be having our Pool Board Meeting this coming Thursday May 29th at 7pm at the pool. We are asking that as members you participate and join us. This is the time for you to contribute to your pool, voice any concerns you may have, ask questions, and find out what the plans are for the future. Please remember this is a Member Ran pool. This means that all members are expected to help out and participate. This also ensures that the Board Members are not carrying the entire work load of the pool by themselves and that we can also enjoy the pool and relax. So, please be an active member and help us work to keep Robindale Woods Pool the awesome place for us all to enjoy our summer!

We also wanted to mention that unfortunately we have lost several of our deck chairs to poor condition. We had to throw several away at the start of the year because they were badly broken and unsafe. We have a few that have cracks in them so they will probably have to be thrown away soon too. We would like to be able to replace them, however, at this time there is no allowance in our budget for this. We suggest that you bring your own chairs, and we would ask that if anyone has any deck chairs they would like to donate please let us know, or if you want to purchase some to donate that would be great.

Last we just wanted to remind everyone that everyone is responsible for helping keep up the pool. Please make sure that the lights and slide are off if you are last to leave. Parents, please make sure that kids get any toys and floats out of the pool before leaving. These get into the skimmers and create problems, or if toys are left at the bottom of the pool they can destroy our vacuum which would be detrimental to the pool. If you happen to notice the skimmer baskets are full please pull them out and empty them into garbage. This will help the filtration system do its job. These are simple things everyone can do to pitch in and makes a great impact, so please help us with this.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the pool and we hope to see you all Thursday the 29th for our meeting!


Thanks Everyone!

Robindale Woods Pool Board

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