Mid Season 2017 Pool report

Hello, Robindale friends! I hope everyone had an enjoyable 4th of July! We continue to have support from many of you in helping to maintain our pool, and we THANK YOU for it. Recently, I was surprised by a member who had purchased brand new skimmer baskets. The member was standing in the rain changing out the baskets himself when he was caught doing such a good deed. And, many, many thanks to the member who resurfaced our concrete in front of the steps! We are so appreciative to see many of you take such pride in Robindale.

As a FYI, today, I received disappointing news that a shaft seal to our pump has broken. It is going to cost approximately $800-$1000 to be fixed. The part itself is not very expensive but the pump has to be taken apart, and is very difficult to work with. However, this does begin to explain why our water continues to run low. I am sure you have noticed that we are constantly having to put fresh water into the pool. Hopefully the cost to have it fixed will balance out with the additional water cost.

We are needing some additional assistance with other tasks. If anyone could help with any of the following items, please let me know.

1) Our slide continues to be a problem. When the water is turned on full blast, the water sprays is many different directions. This is a waste of water and causes buildup on the concrete deck. If the water is turned down low, it will spray more evenly onto the slide. However, at the top sprayer, the water runs backwards and drips down the steps onto the deck. If anyone can please look at the slide and see if you can help, that would be greatly appreciated.

2) As my husband has been maintaining the lawn, he has not had time to maintain the weed-eating around the parking lot. If anyone could spend some time on cutting back the growth surrounding our parking lot, that would help to be able to see where the parking lot stops and starts. We are very blessed to have such a large parking lot but it needs to be maintained around the edges.

3) If anyone has any railroad ties they would like to donate, we could use them to help better mark the edges of our parking lot.

4) Because we have a large property, and parking lot, there are times we receive unwanted visitors. We need to put a couple more signs up in our parking lot to note that it is, “Private Property – No Trespassing”. However, there is really no where to hang them. If anyone has any suggestions, such as maybe a couple of sawhorses with signs attached, please advise. The signs themselves are not expensive. It’s just finding a place to hang them. If you do come across someone that is hanging out in the parking lot, please feel free to call 911. Our property is private and as paying members, you have rights.

5) Lastly, please know we are working hard to maintain the quality of our pool water. We are very aware that the floor and sides of the pool do not look well. The pool desperately needs to be painted. We are hoping and planning to have the pool painted before next season. We are looking for someone with experience in painting pools. We would like to receive at least 5 estimates. If anyone would like to assist us in this planning stage, please contact a board member.

Thank you,

Robindale Board

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