Help the pool!


1.)  We really feel that a pool cover would make opening the pool every year much easier.  The cost on this is roughly $1200 to $1800.

2.)  We need a storage shed to store supplies.    (anyone know someone at Lowes?  Home Depot?)

3.) We have some leaks in the skimmers that need to be fixed. The plan is to do that this year.  Any help against these costs would be appreciated.

4.)  We really could use deck chairs.  If anyone wants to hit up Home Depot or Lowes as they are closing these out and pick up one or two, we’d appreciate it.

5.) The pavilion’s roof needs repairs and we’re going to try and get to that as soon as we are able.  Anyone with roofing skills would be a huge help to us.  We’d need nails, shingles, plywood, etc to get started before the loan payment is up.  If you wanted to help on this project just email us.

6.)  You can always donate money via paypal.  Use the link below to donate via a debit or credit card.


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